PNEC Departments

Department of Engineering Sciences

The department of engineering sciences has its prime objective of producing highly skilled mechanical engineers with specialization in three areas namely, Thermal Fluids, Thermal Powers and Computational Statistics. The department is equipped with modern laboratories, research facilities and state of art computer centers. Focused emphasis on practical exposure is also given to mechanical engineers along with theoretical instructional, with the help of qualified faculty and several well equipped laboratories.

Department of Electronics & Power Engineering

The Electrical Engineering (EE) curriculum encompasses a broad background in the analysis and synthesis of electrical and electronic circuits and devices, in the mathematical tools necessary for signal processing, and in the design and analysis of modern electrical systems. At PNEC, students obtain an extensive insight into electrical engineering through courses and laboratory experience that include understanding contemporary issues that have global and societal impact.

Department of Cyber Security

Cyber Security Department has been established at NUST- PNEC in June 2019. The primary objective of the department in to effective run and manage the MS Cyber Security Program which has been launched w.e.f Spring 2020 after obtaining NOC from HEC in Sep 2019. Our aim is to make it centre of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education and Research in Pakistan and the World.

Department of Naval Architecture

Department of Naval Architecture is a recently established department and was formed in the year 2018. Both Postgraduate & Undergraduate programs in the field of Naval Architecture are being offered. A naval architect is a professional engineer who is responsible for the design, classification, survey, construction, and repair of both commercial and military ships including yachts, powerboats, fishing boats, barges, warships, cruise ships, ice breakers, submersibles, submarines and offshore structures.

Department of Management Information Systems and Maritime Sciences

This department facilitates PN Operations Branch Officers to optimally exploit the modern weapons and sensors. For this purpose, BS (MIS) degree program through hybrid distance learning has been introduced in the training scheme. The faculty is a blend of Management and Information Technology professionals.​

Department of Applied Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC). We are committed to teaching and research excellence in Applied Sciences. We have a faculty well equipped with pedagogy and teaching learning techniques. The department undertakes intellectual grooming of BE and MS students in pure sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) and humanities (English, Pakistan Study and Islamiat). The department is aligned with PNEC’s academic Mission to provide high-quality, student-centered learning experiences.

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

The department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management offers post-graduate degree courses in manufacturing engineering and management. The program is designed to cater for the challenging requirement of the manufacturing industry while offering courses in technical management to equip the graduates with both technical and management skills.