PNEC, being a constituent college of NUST, undertakes many activities in addition to the class room instructions and labs. One such category of activities are those undertaken by various student societies, which are an essential part of any university campus. The main aim of student societies is to develop communication, organization and leadership skills. Societies promote team work and social ethics, development of new skills and abilities, exploration of new talents, and aid to the core objectives of a degree programme.

Currently, 12 societies are registered in PNEC that fall under various categories such as social service, alumni, debating, industrial relation, academic, sports etc. The list of student societies registered in PNEC is as under:


Alumni and Industrial Relations Society


To create a bond and linkage between the existing and graduated students of PNEC-NUST. In addition to this, aim of societies is execution of Industrial Projects and placement of Pakistan Navy Engineering College students in Industries
       2. ASHRAE NUST PNEC Student Chapter 

American Society for Heat Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers


The objectives of ASHRAE Society is the advancement of the sciences of heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning engineering and related sciences; the continuing education of the members and other interested persons in said sciences through lectures, demonstrations and publications; the rendition of career guidance to students of sciences and the encouragement of the scientific research.
        3. ECSS NUST PNEC

Education and Community Services Society



ECSS is a social service society which was established for the site purpose of aiding and contributing to the underprivileged segment of the society. It tends to perpetuate its philanthropic cause for the betterment of society. It has actively carried out various activities inside and outside the university premises in order to raise funds and donation which are invested in charity.
         4. IEEE NUST PNEC Student Chapter

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers



IEEE PNEC Student Branch aims to progress as a comprehensive society, responsive to technological change. IEEE PNEC envisage exploring, initiating and enlightening the knowledge of theory and practice of all aspects of Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and the allied branches of engineering and related sciences. The society promotes wholesome interaction of the students with the pioneers and renowned leaders of the field both in academic as well as corporate sector. Basic paradigm of society is the professional development of the students in accordance to the Constitution and Branch By laws of IEEE and the conventions as defined by Pakistan Navy Engineering College.
         5. IMECHe NUST PNEC Student Chapter

Institute of Mechanical Engineers NUST-PNEC



The society promote the quest for research and development among PNEC students and act as a bridge between local industries and the students, creating opportunities to learn through meaningful interactive with industries and practicing professionals. The society also encourage students to take part and compete in international competitions to broaden their independent thinking and solution seeking abilities.
       6. SME NUST PNEC Chapter

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

The SME is an academic organization for management professionals which present the manufacturing enterprise. The mission OF SME is to acquire and distribution manufacturing knowledge among its members and the broader manufacturing community. The SME provides national and international level opportunities for the students of PNEC to start their professional career and create a link between the industrial experts, industrial entrepreneurs and the manufacturing students. The activities of SME are not only based on or related to academics but also involve recreational and technical aspects in an attempt to groom students to rise as professional individuals.
         7. FERN

Formula Electric Racing NUST

Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN), centred at Pakistan Naval Engineering College, NUST, is the only electric automotive society in Pakistan that has manufactured vehicles, which uses electrical power. Acknowledged internationally, the team continues to make work hard and promote the idea of electric power consumed vehicle. The foundation of team was laid in 2014 by a group of undergraduate students with the mindset of revolutionising the motorsports in Pakistan. After days and months of hard work and overcoming all the obstacles which came in the way
         8. WIE NUST PNEC Student Society

Women In Engineering

Women in Engineering Society aims are to break down gender stereotypes within engineering by providing opportunities for young girls and women already at the university. As many people know, there is a lack of women deciding to study or choose a career in engineering. The society aims to break down stereotypes and show what engineering is and that it is an interesting and rewarding choice.
         9. MACS

Media Affairs and Communications Society

The Media Affairs and Communications Society (commonly known as MACS) is a student body at Pakistan Navy Engineering College whose primary aim is the promotion of NUST’s constituent college in Karachi. The society works towards this objective in a number of ways, which include but are not limited to; organizing and managing recreational events at the college, sending teams to media and MUN competitions outside the college, and covering the college’s progress and its’ events in online and printed publications. Being one of the few non-technical societies at PNEC, MACS covers a wide range of departments. Besides tending to media affairs and giving a platform to musical and dramatic enthusiasts at the college, MACS arranges events and activities that cater to the entertainment of the students and faculty at PNEC, as a whole. It also works in collaboration with other societies at PNEC to promote their events, and also cover them in its publications. MACS, therefore, is widely acclaimed as the most active society at PNEC. MACS also give the engineers-in-making, a chance to polish their non-technical skills, which are likely to help them with their practical life in the future. The students are given opportunities through continuous training to groom their presentation, oratory, time-management, planning, coordination, record-keeping and miscellaneous other skills which are vital for a successful professional career.
        10. Debating Society The mission of Debating Society is to nurture every member to be an eloquent speaker and a creative writer within society and essay writing. Debaters take part in various debating competitions.
         11. NUST PNEC Sports & Fitness Club (NPS&FC) The club provide the platform for PNEC students to hone their athletic capabilities under the supervision of PNEC coaches and promote fitness among the student body. NPS&FC is designed to provide all PNEC students with a platform to manage and arrange all sport activities and events in PNEC and to oversee college teams for off campus sports events as well.
        12. PNEC Literacy Circle (PLC) The purpose of PLC is to provide the students of PNEC with an escape from the hectic technical academic routine and enhance the language and interpersonal skills of the students, ultimately polishing their skills of expressions and creative writing.



PNEC students are divided into small groups of approximately 35 students each. Each group is supervised by a Faculty Advisor (faculty member). These officers liaise with each other to guide and counsel students on academic as well as personal matters. They also update parents about their children’s performance regularly. In addition, a continuous liaison with the Center for Counseling and Career Advisory (C3A) at central campus is maintained for guidance.

NUST PNEC offers a wide variety of sports activities. All College. Regular inter-college/school sports competitions are held every year at the University. PNEC teams have been participating and performing well in HEC inter-varsity sports competitions both at the zonal and national levels.

Sports Facilities 

·   Squash Courts

·   Tennis Courts

·   Table Tennis

·   Basket Ball Court

·   Badminton

·   Gymnasium

·   Snooker

·   Volley Ball

·   Cricket and Futsal Ground (with flood lights)


PNEC is a military establishment as well as the constituent college of NUST. Both Service and civilian students are being taught in the college. In order to facilitate civilian students of the college, Civilian Student Adviser (CSA) has been appointed to look into the matters of Civilian Students. Similarly Female Faculty Focal Person (F3P) looks after female students in resolving their admin related problems. Students usually consult these officers for any sort of their administrative problems or for any guidance. Both the Civilian Student Adviser and F3P work under the supervision of Director Students Affairs (DSA)

  • Counseling of students is done as and when required for better performance of students in terms of their personality attributes and academic performance.
  • Besides need based counseling sessions, regular / scheduled counseling is done for improving overall performance of the students.