Seminars and Workshops Open Source Intelligence (OSSINT)

The course is based on Open Source Intelligence Techniques by Michael Bazzel. Open Source Intelligence, often referred as OSINT, can mean many things to many people. Officially, it is defined as any intelligence produced fr om publicly available information that is collected, exploited, and disseminated in a timely manner to an appropriate audience for the purpose of addressing a specific intelligence requirement. It may mean an information information obtained from foreign news broadcast, a data obtained from official government documents available to public, and mostly it is the publicly available content obtained from internet.
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​Prof. Engr. Dr. Ashfaq A Malik is a seasoned and experienced Instructor and Trainer o He has over 25 years of teaching/ training, research, industrial/ professional & managerial experience at PN such as Weapon Engineering School (SBTE), Naval Precision Electronics Complex (NPEC), Pakistan Naval Academy(PNA), NUST-PNEC, Data Centers, T-21 ships, Naval Configuration Management Authority (NCMA) etc.​